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New Slots in Minutes.
Not Months.

Super Charge your Game Supply with Unique, Exclusive-Use, AI-Generated Slots.

Available to Select Operators.

Enter a prompt, have a coffee, deploy the result

Embedded with the ability to interact and form teams, our autonomous AI Agents emulate the structural and functional dynamics of a traditional workforce, specially built and trained for the iGaming Industry.

Our AIs think, act and evolve together, elevating collaboration, decision making,
and execution to new heights.

Limitless Supply of Fresh New Slots

With nothing more than a prompt to XGENIA, new game content can be designed, developed and deployed within minutes, all but eliminating time to market and build costs.  

Exclusive Usage of your Creations

Never worry about the same content showing up on another platform or operator. Just as your games are unique, so is your relationship with us. Throughout it you will have Exclusive Usage Rights on any game you create.

Unprecedented Player Analytics

XGENIA continuously learns as it identifies churn signals and other player behaviour indicators, regularly improving game design and producing highly efficient segmentation for targeting across channels. Soon, it will even be able to manage your ads for you.  

'Create-Your-Own'  Slot Tool for Players

Unprecedented in the industry, XGENIA's unique 'Create Your Own Slot' option allows players and influencers to create personalised gaming experiences complete with unique visuals, storylines and voiceovers, boosting loyalty and opening new revenue streams.  

Fast API Integration
& Deployment 

XGENIA's AI guides you through the deployment of our robust, fast API, getting your unique stream of new games up and running quickly and seamlessly.  

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Ready to Experience the Future of iGaming?

XGENIA nurtures a custom breed of AI agents that redefine operational intelligence. Our AIs don't merely execute tasks; they think, learn, collaborate, and evolve as a cohesive, specially tailored team.


Our endeavour begins with the creation of a team of AI iGaming agents, each designed to excel at a specific role within an organisational framework. From coding to graphic design, from analysing market trends to making executive decisions, these agents embody a level of skills and expertise not yet seen in the AIs of today. As we progress deeper, the true essence of XGENIA's AI workforce comes to life, rich in their ability to collaborate, learn from each other and evolve as a coherent unit. Want to implement Google ads? Just ask XGENIA to do it.

We're starting with slots, followed by so much more.

Join our waiting list below to stay in the know.

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